Organic Hemp Goods

Every product purchased plants a hemp seed

One hemp plant at a time... We donate a hemp seed for every item purchased to a local certified hemp farmer for their upcoming growing season.

Hemp is good for you, and the Earth.

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Conserve Water

Hemp requires 50% LESS WATER than cotton and will produce 2-3 times more fiber per acre! While cotton can only be grown in warm climates, hemp can be grown in all 50 states.

Save Trees

Over 4 billion trees are cut down every year for paper alone. Hemp can easily and efficiently replace almost all items made from wood. An annual crop, hemp grows back 120X faster than trees Hemp fibers are also twice as strong and lighter than wood.

Use No Pesticides

Hemp is naturally resistant to most pests and diseases eliminating any need for the use of pesticides. Unlike hemp, cotton is known for its heavy pesticide use. About 50% of pesticides in the world are used for cotton production. Toxic chemicals from the pesticides leak into our water and food supply causing numerous health problems.

Renewable and Sustainable

Hemp is a leading renewable resource with sustainability unparalleled to any other crop! Its quick growing season surpasses cotton and trees production. Hemp provides an environmentally friendly, more efficient, alternative resource for these main categories: fuel, clothing, paper, food, medicine, plastic, and construction. Products made of hemp are safe to reuse, recycle, and are 100% biodegradable.

Thank you for supporting hemp!