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Hemp Paper Benefits and 10 Hemp Paper Products


Hemp paper is an eco-friendly alternative to conventional paper made from trees. Millions of trees are cut down every day to supply the world with paper. Making paper from trees requires large amounts of chemicals and contributes to massive deforestation around the world. Hemp paper is less chemically intensive and can sustainably provide a renewable resource for our paper needs. Below you’ll find the top hemp paper benefits and a few great alternative options to tree-based paper products like hemp toilet paper. Keep reading to learn all about hemp paper. 

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What is hemp paper?

Hemp paper is Eco-Friendly

Hemp Paper Can End Deforestation

10 Hemp Paper Products Like Hemp Toilet Paper


What is Hemp Paper? 

Most paper you see today is made from trees, hemp paper is made from the fibers and the hurd of the hemp plant. The world’s first hemp paper, completely made from hemp, was made over 2000 years ago. At the end of the twentieth century almost 90% of the worlds paper production was sourced from hemp before cannabis prohibition lead to hemp’s demise. With the 2018 Farm Bill federally legalizing industrial hemp in the United States and other countries ramping up their hemp cultivation programs, now is our chance to switch back to eco-friendly hemp paper. 


Hemp Paper is Eco-Friendly

Hemp paper is more eco-friendly than paper made from trees. When farmed with regenerative, organic practices hemp replenishes the soil it is grown on and absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere. Hemp is a carbon negative crop so farming hemp for paper can help us fight climate change. Since the hemp plant is pest and disease resistant, farming hemp requires no chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Hemp paper is good for the environment unlike conventional paper made from trees. 


Hemp Paper Can End Deforestation and Saves Trees

Hemp hurds to make paper have a similar composition to wood chips, however hemp paper can help us end deforestation. An acre of hemp produces 4X as much pulp for paper compared to an acre of trees. A crop that is grown on an annual basis, hemp only takes 120 days to mature where trees take decades to mature. Not only is growing hemp for paper more eco-friendly than deforestation, making hemp paper is more environmentally friendly than making paper from trees. Processing and manufacturing hemp paper can be done by chemicals to make and hemp paper can be recycled more than conventional paper. Conventional paper made from trees contributes to deforestation and climate change. 


10 Hemp Paper Products Like Hemp Toilet Paper

1. Hemp Toilet Paper: Of course hemp toilet paper is first on the list. With the toilet paper crisis that happened last year many of us realized how necessary it is in our daily lives. Switching to hemp toilet paper could help us avoid a major source of waste and deforestation. 

2. Hemp Boxes: Hemp boxes and hemp cardboard are our best option at replacing unsustainable cardboard boxes made form trees. 

3. Hemp Printer Paper: With how much paper we use worldwide, hemp printer paper can have a huge impact and help us stop deforestation. 

4. Hemp Paper Product Packaging: Many businesses are using paper packaging to avoid unsustainable plastic packaging. Hemp paper packaging is also recyclable, biodegradable and even more sustainable. 

5. Hemp Notebooks: If you are like us, you love writing down your ideas and designs on paper. It’s great to have a notebook to help yourself stay focused and organized. We love that we can write them down on hemp notebooks and feel good that we’re not contributing to deforestation. 

6. Hemp Paper Towels: Hemp paper towels can replace conventional paper towels and are one of the best ways to reduce our impact on the environment and to end deforestation.  

7. Hemp Canvas: Artists have illustrated on hemp canvas for centuries and there’s no better time than now to start using hemp canvas again. 

8. Hemp Books: Since hemp paper is strong and durable it make high-quality books. Hemp books could be the new normal. 

9. Hemp Tea Bags: Make tea time sustainable with hemp tea bags. 

10. Hemp Coffee Filters: We all think about the one-time use coffee cup but what about the one-time use coffee filter? Hemp coffee filters can save more trees! 

In our next hemp paper blog we’ll go over our favorite hemp paper products and where to find them. Switching to hemp paper products is necessary to end deforestation and fight climate change. 


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