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Organic Cotton vs. Traditional Cotton

We at Kind Hemp Co. are passionate about organic, natural fibers. Hemp, of course, is our favorite. Organic cotton is another natural fiber that is a staple in our Kind Hemp Co. hemp gear. Organic hemp and organic cotton blend beautifully together in our socks, hats, and t-shirts. 

It is an undeniable fact that non-organic cotton is incredibly harmful to us and our environment. Non-organic cotton is the most chemically intensive crop in the world. What about organic cotton?

Here are the facts:

  • It takes 2,700 liters of water to produce just one non-organic cotton t-shirt.
  • Organic cotton can be grown using 91% less water than traditional, non-organic cotton. 
  • Non-organic cotton farming accounts for 24% of the worlds insecticide sales and 11% of global pesticide consumption.
  • The toxic chemicals used in traditional cotton farming pose a massive health risk to farmers, the people that live nearby, and animals around the world.
  • Growing organic cotton without pesticides protects both the ecosystem and people that depend on local water supply.

The harmful effects of pesticides are clear and right in front of us. Around 200,000 people and millions of animals die every year from toxic exposure to pesticides. 

The National Wildlife Federation stated that “Biologists estimate millions of birds die every year in the United States from the effects of agricultural chemicals sprayed on cotton and other crops. When runoff from a field contains high levels of pesticides, it can kill fish in nearby rivers and streams. In one well-documented 1995 case in Alabama, at least 240,000 fish were killed by runoff—even though local officials determined afterward that the pesticides had been applied legally.”

Pesticides, USED LEGALLY, are still killing millions every year.

This contaminated water and land is where we grow our food, where we get our drinking water, and where we raise our children. 

This is why we at Kind Hemp Co. are firm believers in using only organic fabrics. By using only organic hemp and organic cotton we are supporting safer growing conditions and healthier lives. 

Currently organic cotton only represents 0.1% of all cotton production. Now more than ever, it is important to support companies that use organically grown cotton. Consumers can drive the demand for organically grown fabrics like cotton and hemp by shopping and wearing organic. 

We promise to never use any pesticides or insecticides in our hemp or cotton production. Our mission is to provide natural, healthy clothing from the moment that seed is planted until you’re putting that pair of Kind Hemp Co. Hemp Socks right on your feet.

Try a pair of Kind Hemp Co. Organic Hemp Socks, an Organic Hemp T-Shirt, or an Organic Hemp Hat today!